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Thursday, July 3, 2008

We are as retarded as the rest

On Tuesday, the heavens opened up, and down came the rain. Unrelenting rains for an entire night and four hours of the following day, and what with the tide coming in at 11:00 am, Mumbai yet again looked like it always does, year after year, after it is hit by torrential rains. (Thank you, you brain-dead news channels. You never made me forget.)

And then
, came out the angry young Mumbaikar, lashing out at the BMC, for not doing their job, as they had promised to. How many crores went into making Mumbai flood-free? 2 crores? 3? WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING???

Well, some of it was used to clear the mess that we, civic senseless citizens, so shamelessly, have created, and are completely oblivious of
. Plastic bags are supposed to have been banned eons ago. These enemies of the environment are not doing any good to anybody. Dustbins exist for a reason. Littering on the road is equivalent to littering in your own house.

Trees. Beautiful green trees. Ever heard of a tree making your life miserable? Trees. Shade. Calm. Cool air. Breeze. Green sola
ce. Trees. What possible good are we getting out of cutting trees?
Trees hog the space that supposedly belongs to man? This Earth doesn't just belong to man, you know.

The BMC cannot function if we don't cooperate. Corrupt officials are not an excuse.
We elect them. If they don't perform, it is our duty to have them out of office. We cannot sit on a nail and complain that our ass is sore. Its about time
we take responsibility for our own actions.

Save your own soul.

1 comment:

sushant said...

its ok. one mistake though in the last line it should be its about time we take action.