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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Susanna Athaide.

I am no lesbian, but I really love this gal. She is like an extended version of me. Except that I am fatter. I connect with her in a very weird way. The only other person i connected with so well, was my once-upon-a-time-best-friend-Kimberly Almeida.

The reason why I think I am a half-wit is probably because Susanna has the other half of my brain
. I say the weirdest things and she understands me so well. Ditto for her. (Stop smirking Susanna). We are voracious readers. Sleepers. (not together, thank you very much). Chocolate lovers. Love music like we love our books. Actually no. We love books more. Can do without music. Will die without books. (I can almost see Susanna nodding her head vigorously).

I dedicate a song to my sweet pal - The Lonely Shepherd by Gheorghe Zamfir. I think the mood, thoughtfulness, calm and solemness of the song fits her well. I miss her. She isn't sitting next to me any more. I have no one to irritate now. This is a terrible tragedy.

I wish her luck in everything. The world needs more Susanna Athaides.


Prads said...

doubt the first four words after reading this ;)

sushant said...

now this is funny.