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Monday, December 28, 2009

In Corporate Limbo

I: I sent you the mail you requested for.

They: What is it about?

I: You are kidding me right? Right?

They: Should I colour my toenail ghastly red or lovely pink?

I: (descends into gradual insanity)

They: Perhaps you could turn the light tube a bit toward my direction? That should help me decide

I: (should I bring a mini blow dryer to dry your nails) The mail?

They: Oh yes.

Brief silence. For 30 minutes

They: (looks up) Oh, I decided. Lovely Pink it is.

I: (removes gun) Do you want to shoot me?

They: Let my nails dry first

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Engagement of Sushant and Anita (Gulp)

Girl: So! We are getting engaged!

Boy: (Gulp) Yes.

Girl: What’s that?

Boy: (small gulp) What?

Girl: You gulped. Why?

Boy: I gulp when I’m happy.

Girl: You didn’t gulp when I chose the ring that you bought for the engagement.

Boy: I was too happy to gulp (Gulp)

Girl: You seem to gulp at the wrong moments.

Boy: You can say that.

Girl: I wish you had chosen a ring as pretty as mine.

Boy: I like simple rings (gulp)

Girl: Simple rings make you happy?

Boy: (Gulp)

Girl: Oh I can’t wait for the engagement day!

Boy: (Gulp)

Girl: We will be starting a new bond, a new life!

Boy: (Gulp) (Gulp)

Girl: Forever!!! And ever!!!

Boy: (Gulp) (Gulp) (Gulp)

Girl: Just how happy are you right now?????????

Boy: (Gulp)