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Monday, September 20, 2010

A day in advertising

Client: I want three options delivered on this in half an hour.

Brand Manager: It’s not possible, but we can try.

Client Servicing:
We have a brief. It’s just a 15-minute job.

Tell the bitch I do not work here. So my opinion obviously doesn’t matter.

Art team:
This is against my artistic principles.

Client Servicing: Everyone hates me.

Head of Agency:
Tell them to do it in one hour.

Brand Manager:
Half an hour is all you got.

Client Servicing:
The team is working on it.

I think I don’t want that copy anymore.


ramr said...

tsk...tsk...You are far too young in this industry to be this cynical. How about something positive? :)

Anita said...

its not like its gonna be any different ten years from now! :D

Blue said...

How about a twist where the client itself would create a copy

Anita said...

hahahhhaahah!!! That too!!! :D