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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When boredom strikes

Have you ever noticed that most of the things we do during our sessions of boredom are activities of pure genius?

Here’s a list.

  • Making funny faces: There is a potential stand up comedian / clown hiding in each of us

  • Inventing new games: You think Twister was invented when someone saw coloured dots after he fell down the stairs? I hope not

  • Writing comics: As much as all our famous cartoonists would probably deny, all their creations have stemmed out of sheer, extreme boredom

  • Practising scenes from movies: What other valid reason for theatre anyway!

  • Staring at a fly on the wall: The fly population owes boredom one

  • Shadow talking: If only they could talk back to us. (Source of inspiration for most horror films)

  • Thinking up ways of Armageddon and how we will save the world: (Steven Spielberg and James Cameron were at the moment-to-kill-self-due-to-boredom before their phenomenal movie scripts took birth)

  • The way we would die: (EVERYONE has outplayed this scene in their imagination, for countless number of times. Movie Directors are lucky to get other people act it out for them)

  • This blog: (What! Why are you reading this then? Cos you’re bored? Refer to Line 1 :P)


Blue said...

You are really bored now, arent you?

P.S- I usually listen to music and imagine myself performing in front of 10000 people.

tomorrowisanotherday said...

good one...i imagine how i wud tke revenge on my enemies or mke them damn jealous n sorry they ever pissed me :D

juhi shrivastava said...

I am reading it to please my bore friend ani.

The teacher said...

nice stuff Anita....keep it going!!!