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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lessons of your so-called Life!

No matter what you do, these will ALWAYS happen:
  1. You will get up on time and still be late for work.
  2. You will miss important calls, but you will never miss hearing the alarm on your phone. NEVER.
  3. Your house will somehow always have a mess somewhere, and one day you will just stop caring, even if you have OCD.
  4. Your cook will cook, but you will still eat outside.
  5. On the odd day you go to work early, fate will conspire to ensure that it will be a complete waste.
  6. You will end up looking like a stressed out person, no matter how much you spend at a spa.
  7. That haircut will look good only on the initial 2 days, or until you decide to wash your hair.
  8. Groceries will always finish at the exact time when you have no time, or no money to get a refill.
  9. Electricity will be cut just when you have settled down.
  10. Your dog will pee even after he has just peed.
  11. You will need that glass of water just when you have turned in.
  12. Or you will remember to do something, just when you have just tucked yourself in.
  13. The remote will always disappear when you need it the most, even though you remember keeping it RIGHT in front of you.
  14. And, you will forget where you kept that one thing when you need it the most.
  15. Some people will continue to annoy you no matter what you do, and you will continue to adore them, no matter how annoying they get.
  16. Your diet will always be interrupted by a generous amount of chocolate.
  17. Your PC will restart itself even when it promised to do so after ‘2 hours’.
  18. Every time you will need something immediately, it will be a million miles away from you.
  19. You will crib about having no work-life balance, and do nothing about it, but still manage to survive.
  20. And maybe, the above may never happen, but no matter what you do, there'll always be that one rickshaw guy.


roohiahmad21 said...

...n ur to-do list keeps getting lengthier!

. said...

Point 16.


juhi shrivastava said...

i loved the last line most.

doors of perception said...

This is epic ! Like you have observed & listed out Life's mysterious ways !!! Life is Beautiful isn't it !

Narcissus A said...

nice observations