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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten types of people I want to throw paper clips at. And I love paper clips.

1. Girls who hang their chaddis and round things on their windows. Lajawanti Lingerie Collection . 20% off. Kindly ignore the crow using hanging round things for ‘shady’ purposes.

2. Khatmal (bed bugs) bikers riding on the pavement. They will ghusao their vehicles ANYWHERE they can, at every chance they get.

3. Slow staff members at checkout counters EVERYWHERE. The only thing slower than these people is a snail walking on glue.

4. Vehicle Owning Mental People who will not drive in the left lane, will not drive in the right lane and will not be in the centre also. WHAT THE PHOCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

5. People who change their Facebook Profile Display Picture EVERYDAY. What no kaamdhandha you got or what?

6. Hypocrite bandariyaas. Yes, I am referring to the girl who says she hates a ‘friend’ more than she hates dandruff, then she goes and compliments hated friend on her new haircut. WHAT IS THAT? (Men are not like that. The men who are like that, are bandariyaas)

7. People who go touring and then pose in front of every landscape and monument and other awesome buildings/statues. Just. Stop. Ruining. The. Picture.

8. People who walk with their tiny children on the vehicle side of a road. And also people who sit in the front seat of a car, with a child in their lap. When you were busy in the act of reproduction, did you get brainwashed or something?

9. People who think pets are accessories – ‘something to decorate our doorstep’. Your kind disgusts me more than the sight of loose motions floating in the potty

10. People who are rude for no reason because they think it's cool. It’s not. It just means that you are constantly constipated and are venting out the frustration through your mouths.

Now give my paper clips back.


Pankaj said...

hahhah..another good write up Anita.. loving it .. ;) even I hate those bandariyas :P

Amok said...

Hahaha..witty as always:)

Aditya said...

I ruined a brand new tyre in my car by driving on top of the divider, just to save a little kid of a careless mom walking herself on the kerbside, kid dangling to the vehicles

Hemu said...

+1 for the pet reference..

purple moonbeam said...

Lol very witty. I could relate to every single one of those. You should write more often.

Rahul Desai said...

People who take photos pretending that the sun/ object is in the palm of their hands.

Shrijit Nair said...

Loved the post! but please elaborate on the 8th point. M still confused :P

Mohit Khurana said...

Wow!! Kya mast likhela hai...lagta hai kisi ki watt lagane ke mood mei likhela hai

Failed dude said...

Nice post! donno who you are just found the post interesting and read it, now subscribing to this blog feed

Anonymous said...

Where did you disappear to?

Anita said...

Shrijit Nair - you know thos eparents who hold their kids' hands, and their kids are walking on the side where all the vehicles are passing by? Those kind I hate!

At everyone else, thank you so much for your generous feedback, really appreciate it!