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Monday, September 5, 2011

Six reasons why Ajmal Kasab is still alive.

So much has happened in our country since November 26, 2008. Some good things, like India winning the World Cup and the Lokpal Bill getting a go-ahead.

And some bad things, like Ajmal Kasab being all alive and kicking, enjoying regular bouts of chicken biryani in jail.

Biryani that we paid for. Eaten by a terrorist who attacked us.

Now I feel truly sorry for all the media-persons who risked life and limb to get a good video or photograph of the criminals who went on an unleash-maximum-terror rampage in the city of Bombay. The police officials and army personnel did a commendable job of killing the terrorists and also managed to capture one alive, some of them having died in the process. One would have thought that these photos/videos would serve as incriminating evidence against that gun yielding coward.

Alas, it was not meant to be so.

Three years later, he is still alive.

It took our Government roughly two years to sort out the court cases, to ‘prove beyond any reasonable doubt’ that yes indeed, Ajmal Kasab is nothing but a cold-blooded murderer and should be punished for his crimes. Now even after the Supreme Court has ‘okayed’ the execution of Ajmal Kasab, pray, why is he still alive?

This is not a lovelorn man, pelting stones at the window of a now-married-to-another-man-girlfriend. This is a vicious and twisted murderer, who came in like the breeze, went berserk with his rifle, and shot anyone who came in the line of fire. He and his troop arrived with a pure intent to kill and destroy. Meticulous effort has been invested in him and his team to churn out the results that they did. Their bosses had been planning this for months, and may have also hosted ‘triumphant parties’ when they saw the aftermath of their doings.

So am wondering, what possible logic could explain why Ajmal Kasab is still thriving, and thriving well at that?

Here’s what I think could be some of the reasons:
  • If Ajmal’s security bills cost the nation 10 crore rupees (yes, go ahead and pick your jaw from the floor), imagine the gargantuan amount of monies the Government has to shell out to hang him (shudder). So the Government has decided to leave him be.

  • If we keep him alive, his terrorist brethren may attempt to rescue him, and maybe (just we can nab the other terrorists and lock them up as well

  • We want to send out a direct message to terrorists that if you turn yourselves in, you will get better food (“The chicken biryani is awesome guys, trust me”, Kasab was quoted as saying), triple the security and possibly get an Internet connection too, so that you can update your Facebook regularly. Show your bosses how we do it here baybee!

  • Maybe the parliament is planning to rope in Kasab as its brand ambassador. He has one of the most recognised names in our country; hence it is obvious that wherever he goes, the media will follow. And publicity will filter in rapidly. After all, any publicity is good publicity. In addition, he could be employed as a peacemaker. Imagine this; instead of throwing shoes and chairs at each other; they could employ Kasab who would throw bombs at everyone. Arguments would get settled faster this way.

  • Our Government has a heart that is overflowing with the milk of human kindness. It doesn’t do anything that would even remotely contradict the peace and calm of the well-balanced society that we live in. Moreover, it wants to set an example to the likes of USA and Russia that violence begets violence. (Please do ignore the July 14 2011 blasts. And while you’re at it, do blatantly ignore the daily blasts in Kashmir as well)

  • Entertainment Purposes of Indian Audience for Make Benefit Funny Nation of India. Simple macha! We have stopped watching soap operas, now that our news channels provide more entertainment than non-news channels. However, when they do provide us with some news, we get to read some sensational articles such as the following:
  1. How Kasab went bananas during Ramzan

  2. How Kasab could possibly opt for a ten-year insurance plan, since the case would not go anywhere for another ten years

  3. How the miscreants responsible for the July 14, 2011 Bombay blasts wished Kasab a very Happy Birthday

  4. Or how Kasab could possibly delay our infrastructure from getting any better
Now if this isn’t entertainment, then what the phock is?

So, if you are (still) reading this, let me tell you that I have written this article with one goal in mind. To get you a little more angry. To tell you that please, do not sit down and be okay with our Government protecting the man who killed our brethren and treat him like some royalty. Be involved a little more, for this affects you directly. The terrorists are watching us. They see how we are a little shy of laying down the red carpet for them.

If we don’t want to do anything with this, then the next time there is a bomb blast, please do not blame the Government. Because it thinks you are okay and you can ‘move on’.

It’s so many of us against them. If we raise the issue and the Government helps us, we can definitely make a difference.

Because the question is not really what is the Government doing about this. The question that we really should be asking, is this – do all of us, including the Government, care enough to try to do something about this.


meghakhare said...

each and every word u have written is hammering my heart n i am going mad that what kind of democracy is this :(((

u know how much economy of this country rise but it wl still lack in evolution of thought processes n better thinking n also unity in true sense :(( sad yar that i live in this country very sad ....

Chazz Compressor Player said...

Have you considered spineless? In my view this act by Pakistan was enough reason for any self respecting country to go to war and beat the s@@t out of them. No. We don't. Not cos of Ahimsa but we are a country of eunuchs. Face it.
My take on 'Why we are collectively so' at

Prajakta said...

Actually u r absolutely right but whose goin to tell d government?? the reasons u wrote were considerable...but why is he really alive?? do u watch CID?? A person who kills 1 person or atmost as many as possible is hanged to death..Kasab killed a uncountable number of people...then WHY IS HE ALIVE?? I feel he must be hanged to death in at the VT (CST) station itself..In the entrance so that every one can see and feel peace deep inside their heart atlest for a moment, feeling that revenge of their fellow mates has been taken!!

Kapil Bedarkar said...

Dr Subramanian Swamy's Speech in Apki Adalat may puts light on this, he is indicating it is the terrorist entities that are blackmailing UPA Govt on Black money UPA leaders has stashed abroad. It is stashed through Hawala, dubai where terrorist entities had tapped it from.

You may find it in one of part from

Arjuns Gab said...

...Because our government is a reflection of the people. And the fact is that we are a pussy nation. A country where an intellect can be jailed by a minister for drawing a cartoon but a terrorist is treated like some VIP.

...amd where people seem to be bothered about IPL rather than bigger issues like Coal Scams robbing the country of its natural wealth.

Yup, we have no guts and are a spineless nation that cannot stand for one another but can be divited into Quotas !