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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear People Who Hate Cities and Communities and Countries

This 'open letter' is a response to all those who hate people because they belong to a certain city or community or whatever.

You are not being cool when you start writing hate write-ups and posts about North Indians or South Indians or East Indians or West Indians or whoever. Whoever you hate, keep the hate to yourself. We do not want another Raj Thackeray in the making.

And if you cannot keep the hate to yourself, kindly leave this planet , and get the phock out of our businesses and Twitters and Facebooks, and reside on some other universe. You can go there and start hating Indians for all I care but at least you are not doing it here, on Indian soil, spreading hate around by being such a dork at generalising, thus starting fights among communities.

And understand this: You do bad things because you are a bad human being. That’s about it.

If you cannot comprehend this simple logic, then please do not marry and procreate because we do not need more of your kind on this planet.

Good luck to you. Not.

Fellow Human Being


asto said...

How old are you? 10? I came here with high hopes only to find this pathetic attempt at a reply.

koolhead17 said...


People should think beyond there place of birth, color, creed!!

roohiahmad21 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roohiahmad21 said...

such biases destroy the very structure of our societies, n everything that we stand for, from within...sme (read 'most') may say it's hackneyed but these predetermines don't help in forming a cohesive society...

juhi shrivastava said...

I completely second you on this. This becomes my fav. post by you.

Dez said...