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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fatness is a state of the fat mind.

There are fat people. And then there’s us. We aren’t fat by BMI standards. But, if you look at us, you wouldn’t say, “Wish I had a body like that.” In addition, the chance of the likes of us being noticed by anyone is not even a once-in-a-blue-moon thing. In fact, the blue moon may just not come out that one time it does, if it happens to lay its eyes on us.

So we are fat.

We invented a few terms – jelly, dump of a lump, lump of dough / jellyfish, pregnant-yet-without-child etc. We are not exactly proud of this. Perhaps Urban Dictionary likes us for being the two-hundred millionth word on their database. That’s an achievement for us. We find solace in negative things. Are compelled to.

And we are fat.

We feel fat. And the feeling translates into believable reality. Of course, if we feel thin, it doesn’t work that way. (Wonders why). Clothes hate us. But we try to maintain a platonic relationship with them. Also, the camera doesn’t add ten pounds to us. There isn’t any further scope for that. And oh, gravity hates us too. (Einstein, our sincere apologies).


But we look at the world from a larger perspective. (Maybe it’s the fat eyes). And that’s where, we see the bigger picture. Pun intended? Perhaps.


Lily said...

But we make the rockin' world go round. Doesn't that count for something?

sushant said...

there are fat people and there are people like us. Its a balance of nature.

Gandhi said...

Ammusing... Coz the TV says we r having an anti obesity drive!

Deniese said...

How funny and totally accurate! I was young too, and I had really long hair until my daughter "trimmed" it, that was worse than the weight...heck, things change. Go with it or change it?