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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The ant amongst us

He peeps out of his home. Ms White is cleaning her window again. Mr Smith seems to have had a good night’s sleep because his zipper is not open this time around. Cory Mcfinn is digging his nose again. He is disgusted. No taking anything that falls out of his hand – that’s for sure.

He comes out. It must have rained in the morning – good ol smell of the earth. Ok. Who are we kidding? That was just old Jones farting away to glory. Humans are such filthy creatures. If he so much as let out a molecule of flatulence, the crawly creature would gobble him up in no time.

Let’s venture out today, shall we? A cautious step forward. No Woodland shoe on him. Not yet anyway.

So much to look forward to. Every step a mystery, every breath a luxury. How is it that the humans look so bored then?

He scurries forward.

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