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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The last movie I watched was Wall-E

As is the case with every Pixar movie, the characters in this movie have emoted beautifully, almost seeming like they were anything but inanimate objects, which i believe, only accentuated the wonderful display of emotions.

Set in a few light years ahead of the new millennium, the movie showcases how, a simple robot, unknowingly, through his simple ways, goes about waking up human beings to the cause of saving their planet from complete extinction.

The storyline is beautifully carved around the protagonist, WALL-E. His simplicity and innocence, and his heart-rendering affection for female android EVA, is almost reminiscent of the character played by Tom Hanks in FORREST GUMP. However, when the movie ended, I couldn't help thinking that the love angle in the movie (of that between WALL-E and EVA) could have been avoided. If they were to be friends, a brother-sister duo, or just two plain strangers out to save the earth, it would have been just fine. But as lovers, I opine that a little focus was unnecessarily shifted away from WALL-E — who with his inability to speak coherently, could yet convey the message more comprehensively than words ever could.

Somehow, the love angle tainted an otherwise flawless movie. It's not that the love angle was not explored beautifully. It was not handled in a crass or comical manner. The simple devotion that WALL-E nurtured for EVA is indeed touching and cute, at times. But I feel that movie makers ought to do away with the tactic of having to drag a love angle into every movie they make. Two people don't need to fall in love to save a planet. Or make a splendid chef, as was the case with Ratatouille, another brilliant (and my favourite) Pixar movie. A mouse and a man become the best of friends. What a combination, and a winning one at that. For me, friendship always score above love.

But overall, a splendid movie. Nothing beats the graphics quality of a Pixar movie. A must watch, on the big screen. Four out of five, I would say. Watch it.

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